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We connect independent premium and luxury brands with the right retailers across the world.

We represent a portfolio of independent premium and luxury brands that are top performers in their home markets and are currently working on expanding their businesses elsewhere. Our clients are manufacturers of leather goods, ready-to-wear, and accessories. Our aim is to make sure that their products are placed in retail stores  - whether brick-and-mortar or online - where their brand will reach the right clientele. We do so by networking across the globe with buyers directly or through our own virtual showroom on JOOR


Our services provide a win-win situation for both the brand owner and the retailers. The brand expands its reach to new markets, gains substantial new brand awareness, and increases sales. Meanwhile, retailers eliminate the cost of visiting trade fairs, hiring dedicated staff to scout new brands, or paying external agents. They are connected to a portfolio of brands directly, ensure optimum wholesale prices and get a chance to introduce their clientele to fresh new brands. 


We study retailers carefully to understand their existing offers, find out where they are stronger and where they have room to expand, and gather information on their following and clientele. We then present the retailer with a curated portfolio of brands that would fit well in their stores based on our collected information. 


Our clients eliminate the need to work with multiple agents who charge monthly fees regardless of performance and save valuable time and resources that they would otherwise have to spend on retail research. 




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The fashion business requires industry-specific knowledge and expertise when it comes to marketing. We are here to offer an in-depth understanding of the industry and a unique perspective to push our fashion clients' businesses further.

The fashion industry is forever on the move at a high speed and catching up with seasonally changing trends and technology often requires external expertise. At Pier, we work with fashion start-ups and well-established industry players alike, to help take the load off of their internal teams so they can focus on what they do best, and keep creating and selling fashion that remakes the rules. 

Our fashion clients often need support on branding (or rebranding), creating/increasing brand awareness, influencer recruitment and relationship management, social media strategies, sustainability communication, and IP services. We work with our clients closely to understand where they are headed, so that we can help them get there faster. 

Fashion is an industry where the expectations are high and the lead times are short. We take on the necessary marketing services so that our clients can save valuable resources and stay focused on their own expertise. 

If you are a fashion brand looking for marketing support, contact us today. 




We act as an external MarComm department for our hospitality clients in the absence of an in-house team and provide branding, PR, influencer relationship management, and event services.

The hotel and gastronomy business requires special support in today's world as they try to adapt to the ever-changing rules and regulations of their industry. Our hospitality clients need us to navigate the ambiguous environment on their behalf and ease their workload as an external marketing team. 

We provide valuable services such as branding, PR, influencer relationship management, and event services for our hotel and restaurant clients. We pay special attention to keeping up-to-date with Covid-19 and other health and safety regulations, follow the latest trends in the industry, and study the competition so that we can function as an extended arm of the client. 

Our clients from the hospitality industry require long-term communications support or project basis event planning and management, influencer relationship management, and branding/rebranding services.  

Are you a hotel or gastronomy brand looking to outsource your marketing needs? Let's meet.


We welcome clients of all sizes, from all industries.

Our services are not limited or dependent on the industry you belong to. We will function as an extended arm for your company and consult you on the best marketing practices regardless of what product or service you deliver to your customers. 

We take on clients from an array of backgrounds. All we need is a clear description of the project at hand and we will be ready to deliver. 

In addition to the industries mentioned above, we also work with clients in Cosmetics, FMCG,  Entertainment, and Jewelry among others. 


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